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NexGen Lawns

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, NexGen Lawns offers a bespoke, high-quality form of artificial grass which is scientifically developed and manufactured in the United States. The business prides itself on providing the most competitively priced, premium synthetic grass on the North American Market. Their turf benefits from advanced technology including UV protection, pet-friendly drainage and comprehensive backing, offering a lifespan for up to 25 years.

Despite being based in Tulsa, NexGen wanted to attract a national market as well as a local one. Without a strong web presence they were struggling to do this and missing out on a lot of potential clients.

The Challenge

In January 2017, the NexGen website was attracting just 19 visitors per month and was not ranking in local searches. This meant that they were missing out on a core part of their market now artificial grass suppliers are mainly located online. They could see how their competitors were attracting far more business through higher Google rankings and wanted to enhance their presence.

We worked closely with the NexGen team to understand their target market and the key locations they wanted to rank in. We also gained a clear understanding of the US artificial grass market so we could better understand how to position the brand on Google.

Then, we worked through their key pain points and came up with a set of key measurables to monitor the success of the website. Their key aim being to establish a stronger search ranking both locally and nationally.

The Solution

We took over their preexisting website in January 2017 and over the following 18 months worked to grow the site. We rewrote the content and created a more responsive, user-friendly design. Informative blogs were also uploaded, providing potential customers with useful news and advice on artificial grass.

As the site began to grow, competitors noticed and made several attempts to de-rank it. They added a series of extremely discrete, harmful links to the site. Our team of highly trained SEO experts started to notice issues with the site and were quick to locate the toxic links. They were removed instantly and the site’s ranking was not harmed.

We now monitor links and unusual activity on a weekly basis and have disallowed a total of 991 toxic links, keeping the site completely spam free.

The Results

NewGen now attracts 1,200 – 1,500 organic hits per month and ranks in the top three for searches in Oklahoma, Tulsa, Houston and Dallas. At this point in time, the site ranks in the top 30 national listings on for ‘fake grass’ and ‘artificial grass’ which is powerful in this industry.

The website has a high domain authority of 37 and a page authority of 47 with 571 high quality, white hat links. Our team of SEO experts continue to monitor the site on a weekly basis, working to reach higher rankings on They also monitor any spam activity and keep the site free of any harmful links.

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